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June 17, 2010

Found another good deal on a musical instrument on Goodwill's auction website. It was in New Mexico. I won the auction so decided to drive there and make a mini vacation of it. Took I-17 north to I-40 East and tooled along for 7-1/2 hours to our destination(uneventful). Got in our room and went to dinner(late).  Next morning went shopping in some local thrift stores, then picked up my prize at the Goodwill store. It was a musical keyboard just like the one I use in my band. I paid $2400 for the one I've had for years, and the one I bought at the auction was $27. It works great. Went to a casino that night and won a little. Next morning cruised the town and went to the grand opening of a new Hard Rock Cafe(and casino, hehe).  Lost a little. A blackjack dealer there asked us which way we came from Phoenix to New mexico and suggested a more scenic route home. We're retired with no ties so what the heck. Next morning we were off down I-25 south to state rt 60 west. Was a decent road with a couple dinky towns not too far off... [More]
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