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On a lonely, shell-laden beach, a lusterless gold band lies hidden beneath a half-consumed flask.

Nearby, a radio, considerably antique, echoes a staticy melody intended to pull at delicate heartstrings.

Encroaching tide moistens the trio and music crackles its final stradavarian vibrato.

The brown bottle bobs and points its narrow nape out to sea as if to say, "your time has come to be kissed".

Flowing white hair rides swells of rising brine. Foaming waves break across a deeply cragged face.

Life does not flash, but creeps slowly from memory banks and festers just as anguished years before had done. For the only love to ever touch her virgin body became one of 50,000 names carved in a wall.

Decades ravaged mind as time and again, daggers, in guise of sincerity impaled diminished capacities of the heart.

Now, beyond breakers, gaze focused on vast waters through burning eyes; her lost love's whisper beckons in her head and she sinks into the arms of serene darkness.


"My thoughts on crime"


If you're a bit squeamish it's best you don't read.
But if you're fed up with crime please proceed.
I have strong convictions 'bout murderous thieves.
Mollesters and rapists are also pet peeves.
What I propose, if I had a free hand,
Would eliminate all the scum from our land.
According to recent published reports,
This world has become a trash dump of sorts.
We have become recluse, afraid to go out,
while they become bolder and skulking about.
Killing good folks with a gun or a knife,
stealing for free what we've worked for in life.
I'd like to invent a device if I could,
To use against drug lords and gangsters and hoods.
A magical box to relieve all our fears.
One push of the button and they'd all disappear.
No appeals by attorneys, no prisoners' bill.
If no one will do it, I swear that I will.
Some do-gooder will say it's radical thinking,
But I'd pull the switch without even blinking.
You'd awaken next morning to find them all gone,
And life would be cherished from that moment on.
Of course there are those who would say that it's wrong.
I'm sure they'd stage protests and write protest songs.
But just let their loved ones fall victim to crime,
And they'll all reconsider in a matter of time.

Time Traveler

Are we to believe the vacuum of space

Could be trapped and surrounded by some kind of case?

That keeps every star, every moon, every planet

From flying away. The question is can it?

Or is there no end to its volume or depth?

That has crossed my mind and could be except,

If you flew from this earth and went faster then light

Wouldn't you finally arrive at a site

That was solid and rigid and provided resistance

But could be dismantled with a lot of persistence.

At that time I guess we'd be back at the start

and finally concede that we're not all that smart.

For if black space is endless and it seems to be so

It makes sense that it must continually grow.

Faster and faster or soon we could make it.

That is if our bodies and coaches could take it.

The answer I'm sure to the knowledge we seek

Will be discovered though not in a week

Or a month or a year or our lifetime or more.

But one day a traveler may come to a door

That will open and lead to some worm hole in space

That could lead him back to his original place.

I imagine myself at that moment in time

Surprised by a flash and astonished that I'm

Face to face with a young man who's not shocked to see

I look like the traveler and he looks like me.

MY UFO (This really happened to me)

On a clear night in June, when there was no moon,and a new summer sky was a-glimmer. Thru the glass in my car, appeared lights not too far, that made the twinkle of stars seem much dimmer. So I opened the door of my '68 Ford, and emerged to rule out a reflection. What I saw that night, gave some folks a fright, I'll tell you of my recollection. Now I knew that land like the back of my hand, and those lights had never been there before. And tho I was astonished, I would be admonished for not making haste to the store. So I paused for a minute, and then got back in it,and continued my quest for white bread. When I pulled in the lot, I knew I should not, share With others the thoughts in my head. But as I left the stand, with my groceries in hand, my cart was just scarcely in place. Two lads burst through the door, and charged cross the floor with a pale ashen look on their face. I said what's the matter ? and they started to chatter, "You'll never guess what we saw up the street". I quipped UFO? and they said "How'd you know"? but by that time I was strapped in my seat. Pressed the gas pedal down, and sped back thru town, but by that time the object was movin. If I could just be where my young wife could see, my lifelong belief would be proven. I burst in the house to explain to my spouse, 'bout the amazing and wonderous spectacle. But the trip took too long, and the airship was gone, to this day she's a bit more than skeptical.


Look into my eyes. See that I am aware.

My garbled words are not what I mean.

Relentless years have stolen control,

But I am in here. See me. Don't turn away.

I'm screaming in my mind but no one can hear.

Distorted faces have meaning, but are mistaken

for involuntary spasms..

You spoke a loving phrase today but lost

Interest before my smile could crawl to

the surface.

Pay no attention to the mumble. What I meant

Was " I still love you deep within my heart."

I understand your pain and your burden.

I am aware, but imprisoned in this useless shell.

Pull me close and squeeze me tight, for soon

I will miss your caring arms.


In a dream I've had for all my life,
I'm endowed with certain features.
I raise my arms up from my sides
And fly like wing-ed creatures.
Slowly,slowly from this Earth
My maiden flight begins.
A gentle breeze whisks past my face
And my weightless body spins.
Upward climbing higher still,
Escaping noisy crowds,
Until I reach an altitude
Near puffy cirrus clouds.
While peering down from up above,
Huge mountains seem so tiny.
Once towering buildings now are toys
And oceans smooth and shiny.
Then diving, darting here and there
I roll and twist and turn,
Freedom from my earthly ties
Becomes my sole concern.
While friends and family ooh and ahh
at my acrobatic,
I lock my hands behind my head
And switch to automatic.
Then shoot the moon and fly away
Like rockets launched to space,
My dream continues through the night
with a smile upon my face.